Some schools have already been back to the campus since the 1st of June. But is that a good idea? In some cases, yes. However, we must be cautious, and some campuses are not truly accessible yet.

We analyse the pros and cons.


  • Student engagement – when students can sit with their classmates in the same space, they interact more with each other. The class feels more fun as well.
  • Learning environment – many students tend to learn better in a classroom, and many have expressed that they would like to go back to the campus.


  • Lift capacity – Ruby is located on the 7th floor. It is not easy to climb up and down 7 floors of stairs. The capacity of the lifts is 2 people per lift at a time. So, students might need to wait for a long time for the lift and miss the class.
  • Social distancing – If all our students go back to class, there is not enough space for social distancing in some of the classrooms. This would increase the risk of transmission if one or more students had COVID-19 without symptoms.
  • Shared toilets – The toilets on the floor are shared with people from the other college, and from the general public, and there is no control as to who would use the toilet, increasing the risk of transmission.
  • Public transport – Again, if students need to use public transport to and from the campus, they will face delays and be exposed to an unsafe environment.

Ruby always puts student and staff wellbeing first. As Ruby is capable of delivering high-quality classes through an online platform, Ruby has decided to wait until the lift restrictions are lifted as this is the most concerning issue of all.

We will be in touch with the building management on a daily basis. Once we have a confirmed date, we will make an announcement immediately.