After a few months of lockdown, we can now finally eat out!! From 1st June, the restrictions started lifting. Restaurants, cafes and bars are allowed to open as long as they follow the rules.

Some things to remember when you decide to eat out:

  • Most places require reservations or bookings as there are strict capacity and limitations during COVID-19 period.
  • Most places have dining time restrictions. The length of time allowed can vary according to the venue.
  • Only up to 6 people can sit at one table. If your group is more than 6 people, you will need to sit in separate groups of no more than 6.
  • All places are table service. You do not order anything at the bar. The staff member will come to your table to take the order and serve the food.
  • Most places require customers to order of the menu. Always ask what is available and on offer.

Please note that not every single place has re-opened. You can check the links below to know which restaurants are open to enjoy a meal outside of home! ?