Many international students are waiting for the Australian international borders to open so that they can come here to study and experience the culture. It has been almost a year that the borders were shut and, so far, no one sees any sign that they will be open soon.

Luckily, Ruby Institute can provide distance learning! This means you do not need to fly all the way to Australia before your course commences. You can apply for the visa and start studying even if you are in a different country. Once the international borders are open, you can then jump on the plane without waiting any longer, if your student visa is approved before then.

We know distance learning is not perfect. It can be challenging. However, there are four benefits of online studies; benefits that you are probably not aware of.

  1. Less cost
    We all know living in Australia costs a fortune and many international students here are stressed about money much of the time. Guess what? You will not have this concern if you study from your home country. The only expense on the course will be the course itself. You do not need to spend any extra on the accommodation, public transportation, and other additional expenses.
  2. Easy access
    You will have the access to our e-learning platform, where you will see the units you study. The platform is user-friendly. You can easily track your own study progress, message your trainer to ask questions, submit your assessment, and more. It is all in one convenient place.
  3. Real time class
    For students who live in the similar time zone, or if you do not mind studying late night or early morning, you can be in the real time Zoom class. You will be able to ask questions to the trainer just like when you are sitting in a physical classroom. You will not be looking at a recording feeling isolated but be part of a virtual classroom.
  4. Same Australian qualification
    You will obtain exactly the same Australian qualification as students who study in Australia. Having such a qualification may increase your employability in your home country.We know you may have been waiting for a long time now and you may really want to take some actions. So, why not go to the course information on the website and check out what course you are interested in? Get in touch with us. Do not hesitate ask questions. We look forward to meeting you soon!