During COVID-19, classes are recorded at Ruby Institute, as they are in other institutions. This is very normal across any school delivering classes online for the following reasons:

  • In the current COVID-19 situation, Zoom recordings are a primary tool for the protection of students.
  • Zoom recordings are an essential proof of attendance and participation, and a required proof of authenticity for assessments.
  • Zoom recordings are an essential tool to review and adjust teaching methods, especially in the unavoidable current need for online delivery.

Class recordings do not infringe privacy considerations and are not only legal but recommended to ensure student security and institutional compliance. It is important to know that Zoom class recordings, or any part thereof, are not for public use unless prior permission is given by all students and teachers concerned. Furthermore this is limited to material of general interest.

Online class recording can bring students many benefits.

  • To prove attendance. Teachers are human too and humans make mistakes sometimes. If your attendance is incorrectly recorded on the class roll, it can easily be proven that you have attended the class.
  • To revisit the class content. Once the class is recorded, you can request the teachers to provide the teaching component of the recording, if the teacher can effectively edit the recording to provide that component. You can then use the recording to:
    • Go through the lesson to get a deeper understanding.
    • Use the lesson to help you do you exercises and some of the assessments.
    • Check out the material of a class missed for compelling reasons.
  • To ensure authenticity of assessment submission. It proves that the you did indeed do the test and that you are entitled to the recording of the result.
  • To avoid some misbehaviours. Serious misbehaviour must be monitored to ensure no person in the session is victimised. Any victimisation could then be acted upon. This is essential protection for all students and staff.

Online class recordings are used to benefit students. If you have any other questions about online class recording, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Ruby team.