In November 2019, I received an email from Ruby Institute.

It was Ruby’s Marketing and Student Support Officer Ms. Laura De Angelis.

Laura was extremely kind and always so lovely, either via her emails and in person when we first got invited to come at the facility.

Laura explained in details who Ruby is and how Ruby works. We found many connections between METAustralia and your institute.

Firstly, we are both “very young”, and we also started to be in this field not far apart in time from each other.

We connected right away, and we had a mutual goal in mind, helping and supporting International students with a high quality service.

Did not take too long for all of us at META to highly appreciate what Ruby offers and what Ruby does to support their students during their courses.

I still remember one of our first students we referred to Ruby was experiencing some difficulties into learning English with the rest of the class, and without hesitation our student was given a private One on One class with Pierre for the whole time he needed in order to catch up with the same level of the rest of the class.

All of this was managed amazingly well, student was impressed and so were we!

No additional costs were charged to the student! It was an absolute surprise which no other colleges have ever offered during our career as Education agents.

Ruby has shown on several occasions to be an education provider that cares for its students and has demonstrated empathy, comprehension of students’ needs and problems, willingness to be there for them, to support them even though their issues are not only related to their courses.

It makes a great difference for us as agents to be able to rely on such a great institution. We refer our students to Ruby with the confidence that they are in profession, humble and great capable hands.

The feedback we constantly receive from ALL of our students is of high standards, quality courses and amazing and unique student support.

METAustralia and its students absolutely love dealing with Laura.

During the toughest times we all went through during the pandemic, Laura was always there to support our students and together with admission and financial department, have provided great financial support by delaying agreed payment plans instalments and also by breaking up the full amount in smaller instalments in order to ease and support a student unexpected financial hardship.

In conclusion, we cannot speak highly enough of Ruby and all of its members.

It is our number one education provider and we will keep referring students to Ruby as we are confident to share the same goals and the same highly set standards outcomes for our students who really want to have the best learning experience in Australia.

– Ciro Di Girolamo, Qualified Education Agent Counsellor from METAustralia