The last thing we want for our students is them to get sick. Due to the fast spread of Coronavirus, Ruby has made an important decision – Classes are going ONLINE!

We spent the past 2 weeks working very hard to get everything ready so there is no gap between the transaction. After endless testing, we finally could announce that all our classes will be delivered online from 26th March 2020 until further notice. 

At the same time, Ruby cares about their staff too. So the Ruby team will be working from home from the same day classes go online. BUT this doesn’t mean the Ruby team is far away from you. We are reachable as usual, just not face to face. 😉

If you are a current student and has any issues that you would like to discuss, please send an email to

If you are an agent who has any sort of enquiries, please contact our marketing staff directly either by phone or email.

Daniel Orellana (Latin American Market) –

Laura De Anglies (European Market) –

Jill Ko (Asian Market) –