While the Federal Government refused to help international students financially, the State Government of Australia has become a hero for international students in Australia.

Victorian Government just announced 2 packages to support international students

  • Emergency Relief Fund
  • Rent Relief Grant

Emergency Relief Fund (Up to $1100)

The Victoria state government just announced a $45 million fund to support international students who have lost their job or had a significant reduction to their employment and are facing financial hardship as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Application is not open yet. However, you can register your interest by clicking the link below and you will be notified by email once the application is open.

Click here to register your interest

For more information, please click here

Rent Relief Grant (Up to $2000)

If you are struggling to pay the rent because you are having financial hardship due to Coronavirus, you can also apply for a Rent Relief Grant. If your application is successful, you can get the support up to $2,000.

Click here to check if you are eligible for Rent Relief Grant

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