There are 2 international airports. However, most of you will arrive in Tullamarine Airport, also known as Melbourne Airport. If you haven’t arranged any pick up, here are some ways that you can get to where you need to go.


It takes you directly from the airport to Southern Cross Station, which is one of the main train stations in Melbourne. From there, you may have an option to change to a van (free of charge) that will take you to your accommodation. However, the areas are limited, if your accommodation is outside of SkyBus’ services areas, you will have to change to other types of transportation, such as train, tram, taxi or Uber.

StarBus / BlueBird Shuttle 

This is a door to door bus service, which means you will be dropped off in front of your accommodation without making any changes. But they do have limited service areas. Please check before you book anything.


You will need an Uber App to call an Uber. It does take you to your door but it costs much more than bus service. 


This is probably the easiest option but also the most expensive one. You can either wait in the taxi rank or you can book online in advance.

Bonus!! 2 SUPER CHEAP Options, 

There is actually public transportation that can take you to the city. But it takes forever… (You will need to buy Myki Card first) If you want to save some money, here are the 2 options.

Bus 478 (outside of Terminal 1) >> Tram stop for Tram 59 >> Tram 59 to the city

Bus 479 (outside of Terminal 1) >> Sunbury Train Station >> Sunbury Train to the City

These 2 options are very cheap ($4.50*). However, if you have a lot of luggage, it is not recommended at all as you will have to carry your own luggage the whole way and it takes almost 2 hours from the airport to the city.

Hope you have a great trip from the airport to your home in Melbourne. See you soon!!

* Full fare for 2 hours in 2020