After 2020, many people feel like they have lost their connection with others. They now look forward to some kind of reconnection to society. There are many ways to connect to people, but what is interesting is that nowadays meeting people online is more common than meeting people in person in a physical space. Hence, some social apps, and we do not mean dating apps, have become available that can help us to expand our circle of friends.


Meetup used to be a website where people could find events and meet existing friends and new people while attending events. Now, Meetup is also an app. The principles are the same but, for many of us, it is more user-friendly on our mobile phone.


Have you talked to your neighbours or do you even know who they are? It seems the more advanced the technology is, the further we are from people who are just around the corner.


It is much easier to connect with people who share some common interests. Activities can be even more interesting when we do them with others. This is what this app is about. You will be able to find people who like what you like. So, you can easily get together in conversations and activities.

Bumble BFF

Bumble is a well-known dating app. However, you might not be aware that there is a section where you can find new friends. It is called Bumble BFF. People there are not looking for dates, but friendships!

If you are not a big online person, there are plenty of other places where you can connect with others. Volunteering is good way to get to know people with a big heart. Or you can always try to talk to people in a café or bar. No matter what you do, please make sure you meet people in a public place and let your family or friends know who you are meeting. Safety always comes first.

Happy reconnecting!