There are so so so many schools to choose from. Do you think every school looks pretty good and you really don’t know how to make a decision?

If I were you, there are few things I would definitely pay extra attention to.

  • Hello! Is there anyone here? – If I can visit the campus in person, I will first see if there is anyone at the reception. It doesn’t matter if you have an appointment or not, someone should always be at the reception to welcome any expected and unexpected guests.
  • Wow! The campus is really nice! – If this is a place where I am spending up to 20 hours a week, I want to be comfortable with the space. Who doesn’t like to study in a bright, clean and modern place?
  • My teacher is really patient with me! – I will take a trial lesson if I am looking at studying English. I want to check out how the teacher interacts with students in class. But I also need to remember that every teacher has their own way to teach and I will need to get used to it no matter what.
  • I got my problem solved in no time! – When I have a question, I’d like to have an answer as soon as possible. If my questions get responded quickly even before I start the course. That’s a big plus.

Ruby Institute has more than all the above because we care about people from our heart. We see every student as a part of the family and we want to take care of them.