During the pandemic, we all have realised how important working remotely could be in our lives and there is no looking back. Ruby Institute sees the future trend and has decided to take a step further in the digital world.

After a lot of research, Ruby is now a part of Edvisor – an online platform that connects education agents and education providers worldwide.

  • No more PDF forms attached to the email – Ruby can send you a professional online profile with all the information you need with just one link!
  • No more search in your email – You can save the Ruby link in your Browser bookmark and have access to up-to-date information any time.
  • No more printing – You can fill up the application form* directly on Edvisor. Save paper, save the environment!
  • No more double check and triple check – Save time. The information is one click away. So, agents have more time to take care of their students with what they really need.

* If you are not a member of Edvisor, you will still need to send the application form through email.

If you’d like to know how Edvisor works in details, please visit their website or YouTube channel.