It’s pretty sad that we have entered Stage 4 Restrictions. But we believe this will be the end of it as long as everyone follows the rules.

Below is the most important things you need to know about Stage 4 Restrictions and Curfew in Melbourne until 13th September.

Stage 4 Restrictions

You can only leave your house from 5AM to 8PM for the following 4 reasons

  • Necessary goods and services
    • You cannot travel more than 5km from your house to do so unless the nearest grocery shop is more than 5km from your house
    • Only one person from a household can go shopping and it’s only once a day
  • Exercise
    • You can exercise with one other person
    • You cannot travel more than 5km from your home, neither the person you do exercise with
    • You can do it once a day for an hour.
  • Care and health care
    • You can see a doctor
    • You can take your pet to a vet
  • Work
    • If you can work from home, you must work from home.
    • You will need a work permit if you need to work outside of your home.

There is an exception for couples. If you live separately from your partner, you can still visit them. However, you are not allowed to leave your partner’s home during the curfew.

The fine is $1652 for individuals if you break the rules.

Other important things:

  • You must wear a mask when you leave home. The fine is $200 if you break the rules.
  • K-Mart, Target, Big W, Officewords and Bunnings are closed for walk-in. But you can still order things online and pick it up from your selected store. For a complete list of what’s open and what’s closed, please click here.


  • You are not allowed to leave your house or your partner’s house between 8 PM and 5 AM every night except for work, and essential health, care or safety reasons until 13th September.
  • The fine is $1652 if you breach the rule.



STAY HOME, STAY SAFE. #inthistogether