Turning on your computer early in the morning, making a strong coffee without taking a bath has become a daily routine these days.

At first many of us had doubts about virtual classes and we also told ourselves it will never be the same as a face-to-face class but this is how we have adapted to this new way of educating and I can say that a class with Narelle Argenti is not just a typical English class; it goes much further than that. It can be a meeting with some friends, a while of nice educational games, telling and listening stories, learning not only English and grammar. I can say that you also get to learn about culture, history, music, art and I would dare to say that many other more useful things in life.

Sometimes it makes us remember why we are here and it makes us miss our families more and somehow feel them closer. It also makes us laugh. Sometimes we can even disagree (which is fun) we learn to go out on the street and defend ourselves, going to the doctor, going to a job interview, a party, asking for an address or simply buying groceries, or even some awkward but amazing coincidence a person with a sensitivity, understanding and patience to teach.

I cannot give a broad opinion of ruby ​​institute because I could never attend a face-to-face class, but if all the teachers are like Narelle Argenti, I definitely give a 10/10.

– Juan Giron