Great News!! The International Student Relief Fund has arrived.

This fund is designed to help international students in Victoria who are experiencing financial hardship. There are a few things you need to check before you apply. (This only applies to Stream Two – Private Education Providers. If you are a university or TAFE student, please click the button below directly.)

  1. You need to study at one of the education providers that are on the list. Ruby is on the list, is your school on the list? Check here.
  2. You need to be enrolled in a course at the time of Victoria’s State of Emergency Declaration on 16 March 2020. If all your courses ended before 16 March, you won’t be eligible.
  3. Your student visa has to expire after 30 June. Please go to VEVO to download your visa status. But must be less than 5 days old when you submit your application.
  4. You currently live in Victoria. You may be asked for evidence.
  5. You were employed in March 2020.
  6. You have lost your job or lost the majority of your working hours due to the pandemic.

For more information about the eligibility, check here.

Documents required:

  • A copy of your Confirmation of Enrolment.
  • Valid student visa document – screenshot + a copy of your student visa document supplied by the Department of Home Affairs, that was generated within 5 days of your application (this is usually a VEVO record).
  • A copy of your passport information page.
  • Evidence that shows you were in paid employment in March.
  • Evidence that shows you have lost your job or had significant reduction in working hours.
  • Details of your Australian bank account in your name.

For more detailed document requirements, please see here.

If you are a student at Ruby Institute, apply here.

If you are a university or TAFE student, please click here for further instruction.

If you are a student at Ruby Institute and you are not sure what to do? Please contact Ruby team and we will assist you with the application.